How MindMed 2b Study Impacts Industry Players Like Numinus

On today’s episode of TDR’s Trade To Black podcast, we’re back with another psychedelics exclusive. In today’s interview, we’re joined by Payton Nyquvest, Founder and CEO of Numinus Wellness (OTCMKTS: NUMIF). Payton Nyquvest and host Shadd Dales explore MindMed’s groundbreaking announcement from their Phase 2B trial.

We kick off with the big news that happened with MindMed this past week. MindMed received a FDA Breakthrough Designation for the MM120 program designed to treat generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). To recap on the study results from December, MindMed’s Phase 2b study of MM120 met its key secondary endpoint and topline data garnered over 12 weeks demonstrated clinically and statistically significant durability. Compared to a placebo, MM120 100 µg demonstrated a 7.6% improvement week 12.

Not only is the data compelling, MindMed is also enjoying a $175m private placement at 1% discount, says Payton. GAD is a big market, and with the $175m, it could answer a lot of questions that investors might have. You may not want to sleep on MindMed.

We’ll take a hard look at the study itself and how significant these numbers are. One of the participating clinics belonged to Numinus Wellness. How do these numbers impact Numinus Wellness, and what could commercialization someday look like? Take a look into the implications of MindMed’s compelling data for anxiety treatments and the broader industry, highlighting the transformative potential of psychedelics in mental health innovation.

Whether you’re looking at MAPS or MindMed’s results, one thing is clear: a good clinical infrastructure seems to be key to getting the numbers. It’s not just about the drug; it’s about the training and support offered, too. Now that psychedelic treatment is approaching this phase, there’s a lot of work to be done to ensure that training and infrastructure keep pace.

Don’t miss this exciting interview by Payton Nyquvest as we discuss the impact the MindMed data has on the other players in the industry, including Numinus Wellness.

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