Is It Time To Invest In Nvidia?

In the latest Trade To Black Podcast, Shadd Dales, financial writer Benjamin A. Smith and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell are tackling some of the big news from this week: Ron DeSantis, Slang Worldwide, and whether it’s finally a good time to invest in Nvidia.

First up, of course, is DeSantis’ presidential campaign launch in Twitter Space – or at least his attempt at it. Elon musk’s Twitter Spaces failed to scale sufficiently to meet demand and buckled, crashing apps and logging out users. But DeSantis did finally manage to launch his campaign there nevertheless, only about 25 minutes late. Was it a mess as Trump claimed, or a success? With Ron DeSantis running for president, there’s questions about whether his bid will impact Florida’s attempts to legalize cannabis. We’ve got some thoughts.

Jumping into more on cannabis, the latest earnings report for Slang Worldwide (CNSX: SLNG) is out, and if you listen in, we’ve broken it down for investors. Tune in to hear the details and the significance of the year-over-year sales lift for the company’s future growth. The strong dispensary sales in Vermont are a key component of the report. Vermont is a state that attracts over 13 million tourists annually, and there is strong potential for sales to tourists.

If you missed our psychedelics exclusive podcast with Numinus CEO Payton Nyquvest earlier this week, we hit on their latest PR announcement and the MAPS timeline. We also examine what’s currently wrong with the math, and the catalyst moment the psychedelics industry seems to need.

Additionally, we discuss Nvidia’s massive Q1 financial earnings and whether it’s a good time to invest in the stock, despite its lofty price-sales ratios and market cap near $1 trillion. Tune in for the latest insights. This and more this episode of Trade To Black!

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