Joe Caltabiano On Preparation For Legal Psychedelics

In this episode of The Dales Report, we’re back with another Psychedelic Exclusive. This podcast, we speak with Joe Caltabiano, chairman of Healing CREI and Founder of JSC Fund. Joe is well known as a public speaker and contributor to media such as Vice and Bloomberg, and he’s a big philanthropist in cancer research and support.

Joe joins us as we discuss the evolving landscape of mental health treatment, notably with the anticipated legalization of innovative therapies in 2024. Most anticipate legalization of psychedelics to be very different from the cannabis industry. Instead of recreational use, it’s expected to look more as though legal psychedelics will be administered in a clinical setting, monitored by trained psychiatrists, and coupled with therapy.

With this clinical model in mind, we emphasize the pressing need for therapists and the clinics to scale up and adapt to these transformative practices. The rising demand for medical clinics, driven by accessible mental health services and a recovering commercial real estate market, underscores the significance of streamlining clinic ownership for clinicians.

That’s where a REIT comes in. We highlight the dynamics of yield return and equity investments in real estate fundraising, offering insights into these tangible assets’ potential for quarterly distributions.

The conversation with Joe Caltabiano extends to the transformative potential of innovative mental health treatment addressing trauma and enhancing quality of life. Finally, it underscores the role of technology in reshaping and scaling mental health support within the ever-evolving landscape, and the importance of understanding the end customer and the financial aspects of mental health treatments.

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