John Oliver’s Makes The Case For Psychedelic Assisted Therapy On ‘Last Week Tonight’

John Oliver is back on “Last Week Tonight” and is once again taking a deep dive into a very intriguing topic: the potential benefits of psychedelic assisted therapy. The show, which aired on Sunday, delves into the history of psychedelics and its potential benefits for mental health.

After classically making fun of himself, Oliver, a self-proclaimed drug connoisseur, goes on to look into the different uses of psychedelics, including spirituality, healing, and recreation, throughout the centuries. However, the show focuses on the use of psychedelics in therapy.

Through interviews with veterans who have suffered from PTSD and have undergone psychedelic assisted therapy, Oliver showcases the positive impact the treatment has had on their lives. One veteran shares how the treatment helped him reconnect with his body and made him feel more comfortable with living. Another veteran who underwent a full dosage of psychedelic treatment claimed a significant reduction in symptoms, with immediate results after his first session.

The show’s tone becomes serious as Oliver warns viewers that psychedelic use has been heavily regulated in the past, with lawmakers and society being fearful of the unknown effects of these drugs. What’s more, the host cautions that we could repeat the same mistakes of the past if we do not proceed carefully in the years ahead.

As Oliver points out, the FDA is expected to approve MDMA and psilocybin for clinical use soon. The potential of these drugs is promising, but there are concerns about accessibility and the need for caution in administering these drugs in a controlled setting with trained medical professionals.

Companies like Compass Pathways CMPS have also sought patents to protect their formulations and methods of administering psychedelic assisted therapy, leading to concerns about affordability and accessibility.

Check out the entire segment on YouTube.

Update: Video appears to be pulled on YouTube. Please click this link for a screen capture video of John Oliver’s comments on LinkedIn.


This article was originally published on Benzinga and appears here with permission.

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