Ketamine One Starts Trading On The OTCQB Market

Today is the day that Ketamine One will begin trading on the OTCQB market.  Ketamine One is now trading under the symbol of KONEF.  Psychedelics investors should take note of the addition to the OTCQB market and add the stock to their watchlist or even their portfolio in anticipation of a potentially stratospheric climb in the months and years ahead.  Though no one is quite sure what will become of the psychedelics industry, most of the experts who have analyzed this space agree the publicly traded companies in the sector have the potential to move exponentially higher in the years to come.

A Look At Ketamine One’s Shift From Private Ownership To Public Ownership

Ketamine One is committed to efficiently consolidating medical clinics and becoming a leader in mental health treatment modalities throughout North America.  The company is pleased to announce its common shares are now transitioning from what is referred to as the “Up Listing” of the OTC Pink Sheet Open Market to the OTCQB Venture Market.  OTC is an acronym that stands for over-the-counter.  

Ketamine One’s common shares are now available for trading.  This Up-Listing adds to the business’s prior receipt of DTC Eligibility.  However, it is worth noting the company’s common shares are still available for purchase on the NEO Exchange.  Ketamine One shares can be bought and sold on the NEO Exchange under the “MEDI” trading symbol.  Ketamine One is also available to German investors through the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with the trading symbol of “MYO.”

However, the investing public’s attention is now shifting to the OTCQB.  This exchange provides investors with a transparent trading environment though its stocks are not held to the same accounting standards and financial regulations as those on more mainstream exchanges.  The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recognized the OTCQB as a legitimate established market for the public trading of securities.  

Ketamine One shareholders will now enjoy improved access to information through the OTC Disclosure and News Service along with transparent pricing via the comparably extensive book of Real Time “level two” stock quotes.  Investors looking for more information about Ketamine One’s public offering can find it at www.otcmarkets.com.  

Ketamine One’s Brass Issues A Statement

Adam Deffett, Ketamine One’s current Chief Executive Officer, issued a public statement about the company’s transition to the OTCQB exchange.  Deffett indicated he is pleased that the company’s common shares have been accepted onto the OTCQB for trading.  

Deffett went on to state the listing of the shares on this exchange “…is important as it makes it easier for American investors to obtain information about our securities and purchase our stock. Combined with DTC Eligibility, the Up-Listing enables US residents who are interested in the mental health revolution to become shareholders and participate in our growth.”

Deffett also commented that it is easier today than any other time in the past for psychedelics investors to obtain an ownership stake in Ketamine One and other psychedelics securities. The hope is that Ketamine One’s clinical network throughout the continent will continue to rake in the cash while simultaneously serving as a net positive for society.  Ketamine One owns KGK Science, a research division that specializes in psychedelic medicine, cannabis and pharmaceuticals.  Ketamine One’s mission is to help solve the ever-expanding need for access to safe and effective mental health therapy.

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