Lanthier Update on Mindset Pharma Partnership With Otsuka

In our latest Psychedelic Exclusive, The Dales Report catches up with James Lanthier, the CEO of Mindset Pharma (CNSX: MSET). Lanthier provides us an update on Mindset Pharma’s current clinical trials, and even more of interest, the research agreement underway with Otsuka Pharmaceuticals.

For curious investors, Mindset Pharma is a Canadian drug discovery business, based in Toronto, and they’re focused on creating novel and patentable psychedelic compounds for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders. Mindset was one of the first companies to call patents on novel drug designs, and in recent news, they filed two patent applications for non-hallucinogenic, non-tryptamine compounds.

While they’re not putting out press releases with the frequency of some biotech companies, James says Mindset is experiencing tons of positive momentum with investors and believes that things are going very well. Commercialization will be a next step for his company, and others in the space, but this emerging industry needs a certain type of catalyst moment to provide the turning point, and Lanthier shares what he thinks that is.

Of course, the biggest scoop is around the partnership with Otsuka that was announced almost 18 months ago, and for good reason. Lanthier explains the research agreement with Otsuka Pharmaceuticals is the only psychedelic/ big pharma agreement in the space. This specific collaboration is designed to focus on two different families of drugs, and at the end of phase one, Otsuka will have the right to negotiate a new deal if they’re happy with what they see on one or both.

Is it a match made in heaven? Otsuka has always been considered a trailblazer in psychiatry, and patenting molecules could be a big money space. In this interview, Lanthier explains the strategy on further developing their ongoing partnership and what exactly Otsuka Pharmaceuticals will be looking for from Mindset when it comes to research. We ask the question, is the idea to eventually be bought out by a big pharma company like Otsuka? You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out!

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