MINDCURE Announces Filing of U.S. Provisional Patent Applications for Company’s First Fully Synthetic Routes to Create an Ibogaine Psychedelic Compound

The company’s pharmaceutical grade ibogaine would provide researchers access to a sustainable, high-quality, reliable, and consistent supply of the psychedelic drug, ibogaine

Mind Cure Health Inc(CNSX: MCUR) (OTCMKTS: MCURF), a leader in advanced proprietary technology and research for psychedelics, announces the filing of provisional patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for innovative processes for synthesizing ibogaine.

The Company has filed patent applications for two chemical synthesis routes, both of which successfully produced ibogaine. The identified routes may provide advantages of improved isomeric purity, increased chiral purity, and more easily isolated intermediate compounds. The ability to look at analogs along the synthesis path provides optionality for further IP development. The two chemical synthesis routes are currently being assessed to determine which one will be selected for further development first.

As announced on June 3, 2021, the Company has completed the first stage of manufacturing pharmaceutical grade ibogaine to be used in clinical research. In the coming weeks, MINDCURE will focus on the scale-up process and expects to launch stage two of the manufacturing process. During this stage, the Company will be running financial models while assessing the quality of the synthetic ibogaine when produced at scale to determine the timing of and economic viability for commercial-scale manufacturing.

Ibogaine has been traditionally sourced from the iboga plant through an extraction process, which can affect the consistency required of a psychedelic drug for research purposes.  If successful, MINDCURE’s fully synthetic production routes could increase access to a medicinal supply and provide the potential to manufacture as a drug, if approved.

“MINDCURE recognizes that the natural iboga plant is a precious resource” said Joel Raskin, MINDCURE’s Chief Medical Officer. “Manufacturing synthetic ibogaine and patenting our process would create the opportunity for synthetic ibogaine to be used by researchers conducting clinical trials and, eventually, by clinicians providing psychedelic therapy. Our company’s research team would also have access to this sustainable drug supply.”

I believe that the demand for synthetic ibogaine will increase dramatically as research in this field continues to grow. Researchers need access to a standardized, high-quality supply of ibogaine that ensures consistent dosing and reliable results. We look forward to working with researchers in the medical psychedelic industry, and ultimately supplying the broader market to treat all indications supported by research, with an eye to treating addiction at the forefront.

Kelsey Ramsden, MINDCURE’s President and CEO

Additionally, the Company has entered into an agreement with Investor Brand Network (IBN) to provide services relating to communications and marketing for a one year term beginning July 12, 2021. The Company has agreed to pay a total of USD $20,000 per quarter for the services to be provided during the term.

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