MindMed Announces Study Publication Detailing Effects of LSD and Psilocybin

MindMed is in the news after announcing the publication of a study that compares the effects of psychedelics in healthy individuals. The study in question delves into the impact of taking psilocybin and LSD.  Here’s a quick look at the study and why it is important in the context of psychedelics investing.

About The Study

The placebo-controlled, double-blind study was investigator-initiated at the University Hospital Basel.  Psychedelics investors should pay close attention to the details pertaining to the study results as Mind Medicine, commonly referred to as MindMed, is a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq with the symbol of MNMD.  MindMed is also a publicly traded company on the NEO with the symbol of MMED.

The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study centered on the evaluation of 28 healthy individuals.  These participants underwent 25-hour sessions in which they were provided with psilocybin, LSD and a placebo.  The study shows that an elevated dose of psilocybin and both dosage levels of LSD generated quantitative and qualitative effects similar to one another, meaning the mind alterations caused by the substances are not significantly different beyond the length of time that they last.  Both dosage levels of LSD caused longer-lasting periods of mind alteration than that caused by psilocybin.  

MindMed Points Of Note

MindMed is a leading biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of psychedelic therapies designed to treat disorders of the brain.  The company’s announcement of the peer-reviewed publication of the study referenced above holds importance as it alleviates concerns pertaining to the use of psilocybin and LSD in healthy individuals.

The data stemming from the study was recently detailed in Neuropsychopharmacology.  The results indicate the primary differences between psilocybin and LSD are dependent on dosage levels as opposed to the composition of the substances.  The findings reveal both psychedelic treatment modalities have significant potential in the context of boosting dose finding, designing trials and guiding additional studies to determine the therapeutic impact of LSD, psilocybin and possibly several other psychedelics.  

In plain terms, the study shows psilocybin and LSD have a similar impact on healthy individuals when taken at the appropriate dosage levels.  The results indicate 20 mg of psilocybin equates to 100 μg LSD and that 150 μg LSD equates to 30 mg psilocybin.  The study shows there are not qualitative differences in terms of participants’ altered states of consciousness when using either substance.  However, the altered state of consciousness was that much shorter when using psilocybin.

Psychedelics Are Poised To Go Mainstream In The Near Future

MindMed’s Executive President, Miri Halperin Wernli, recently noted psilocybin and LSD have promise in the context of treating both neurologic and psychiatric disorders.  However, she noted a more comprehensive understanding of each substance’s differential effects on human participants is necessary.  

Wernli also highlighted the fact that the study referenced above brings the company that much closer to tapping into the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics.  She also teased the prospect of bringing psychedelic treatment modalities to individuals saddled by brain disorders at some point in the years ahead.  

Stay tuned as MindMed continues to reveal additional details about its psychedelics studies.  If the company executes its vision, it won’t be long until patients in need of alternative treatment modalities have access to psilocybin, LSD, MDMA and other psychedelics.

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