Mindset CEO Sends Letter To Shareholders

James Lanthier, the CEO of Mindset Pharma, is making waves for a letter recently sent to the company’s shareholders.  This is a meaningful development in the context of psychedelics investing as the letter’s content has the potential to move the company’s stock today and also in the days ahead.  Mindset is  a publicly traded company with the symbol of MSSTF on the OTCQB, MSET on the CSE and 9DF on the FSE.

Mindset is a drug specialist that discovers and develops alternative treatment modalities.  The company is focused on making the best possible psychedelic medicines that can be patented for the treatment of patients with psychiatric and neurological disorders that have unmet needs.  Let’s take a closer look at Lanthier’s letter to shareholders.

Mindset Is Making Progress

The key takeaway from Lanthier’s letter to investors is that the company is making significant progress in bringing breakthrough mental health therapies to individuals saddled by mental health challenges.  Lanthier described the Mindset team as “strong” and capable of expediting drug development programs in the works.  

Lanthier also stressed the fact that the Mindset team is de-risking its drug development programs.  His letter went on to detail how the company is making strides in the context of drug research and development to make progress in the context of new discoveries that will ultimately advance psychedelic medicines as a whole.  

Key Partnerships

Lanthier’s letter also touched on the company’s burgeoning partnership with MSRD, short for the McQuade Center for Strategic Research and Development.  MSRD is a member of the worldwide Otsuka pharmaceutical company family.  The partnership is facilitating progress in the context of Mindset’s product pipeline highlighted by innovative compounds with the potential to disrupt the drug industry.  The partnership ultimately validates the company’s unique drug development approach and also provides essential funding.  

Lanthier went as far as describing the MSRD partnership as a key milestone for his company as well as the overarching psychedelic industry.  The partnership serves as a bridge between big Pharma and the ever-expanding psychedelic medicine space.  The progress made by the two companies is symbolic of Mindset’s world-class innovations as well as the quality of its scientific merit and drug development expertise.  

The CEO also noted how the MSRD partnership validates Mindset’s strategy for an optimized second generation approach for drug discovery.  The alliance also provides the funding necessary for development expenses to transition clinical prospects from Families 2 and 4 of 5-MeO-DMT compounds and psilocybin through Phase 1a and 1b trials in clinical settings.  

Lanthier pointed out that the specialists at MSRD have considerable clinical and regulatory expertise that is fundamental to the development of the optimal human clinical framework.  The company is excited to advance this collaboration and delve into new opportunities in tandem with MSRD to help patients obtain access to highly effective and safe alternative treatments.

A Focus On Scientific Expertise

Lanthier also went out of his way to emphasize the merit of his scientific team’s expertise in developing novel drugs, especially those of the CNS variety.  The company’s drug development program is guided by Joseph Araujo who serves as Mindset’s Chief Scientific Officer.  Araujo provides two decades worth of research experience in the context of support for CNS drug development.  

Araujo works alongside Dr. Malik Slassi, the company’s SVP of Innovation.  Slassi has more than three decades of experience in Biotech and Pharma research and development.  Slassi is a trained neuroscientist with global research and development experience in the context of neurology.

Progress On The Treatment Modality Front

Lanthier detailed how the company is gathering and analyzing critical data for drug candidates in Families 1 and 3 that are psilocybin-inspired.  Family 1’s top drug candidate, MSP-1014, appears to be optimal for addressing treatment-resistant depression as well as patient angst in the context of end-of-life cancer.  This candidate has shown heightened efficacy and safety during preclinical studies when juxtaposed with first-generation psilocybin.  The company is currently seeking development partners to assist in the clinical process.

The executive also touched on Family 3 compounds with the potential to treat a litany of mental health disorders.  Preclinical data shows the company’s Family 3 has the potential to provide significant cognitive benefits for patients battling Alzheimer’s, juvenile ADHD and additional psychiatric disorders.

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