Mindset Pharma Expands Pipeline: Identifies Additional Next Generation 5-MeO-DMT-Inspired Lead Candidates

Mindset Pharma Inc.(CNSX: MSET)(OTCMKTS: MSSTF), a drug discovery and development company focused on creating optimized and patentable next-generation psychedelic medicines to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders with unmet medical needs, today announced that, in addition to its potential lead new chemical entity (“NCE”) candidate, MSP-4018, the Company has identified two additional pipeline opportunities from its Family 4 compounds, MSP-4019 and MSP-4020. In preclinical studies, both compounds demonstrated strong efficacy and an improved safety profile in comparison to 5-MeO-DMT and parent compounds.

Our Family 4 compounds leverage Mindset’s conjugate amplification technology, which has enabled us to rapidly generate clinical candidates that improve upon first-generation psychedelic efficacy and safety. Using a platform approach to advance our differentiated compounds into the clinic, we aim to broaden patient access for mental health sufferers and provide solutions to address a range of patient needs.

James Lanthier, CEO of Mindset

“The preclinical results of MSP-4019 and MSP-4020 demonstrated strong efficacy through a mouse head twitch assay and an improved safety profile at a range of doses up to 30 mg/kg,” stated Joseph Araujo, Chief Scientific Officer of Mindset. “Our next generation compounds showed no signs of 5-HT syndrome, a serious potential health risk associated with first-generation drugs, 5-MeO-DMT and DMT. We will continue to validate our novel compounds through translational models as we select one or more lead drug candidates from our Family 4 NCEs to advance into the clinic.”

Mindset’s Family 4 compounds are DMT and 5-MeO-DMT-inspired novel drug candidates that offer a broad range of pharmacological diversity suitable for in-clinic settings. The Company has run a battery of specialized in-vitro and in-vivo tests on its patent-pending novel compounds to select the optimal psychedelic drug candidates for progressing towards human clinical trials.

To watch a video of Mindset’s CEO discussing the announcement in greater detail, please visit: https://youtu.be/hy-pQlUegP0.

To view the original press release in its entirety click here

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