Mydecine Announces Exclusive Partnership and Increased Capabilities with Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API)

Partnership Supports Mydecine’s Drug Development & Clinical Trials Pipeline

Provides Update on Debt Settlement

DENVER, Feb. 24, 2021Mydecine Innovations Group (CNSX:MYCO) (OTCMKTS:MYCOF), an emerging biopharma and life sciences company committed to the research, development, and acceptance of alternative nature-sourced medicine for mainstream use, has announced an exclusive partnership with Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) at the University of Alberta, as well as expanded capabilities that enables support of multiple drug development and clinical trial programs simultaneously.

With our expanded relationship with API, we can now synthesise multiple molecules concurrently as well as run research and development and pre-clinicals on site. We now have the ability to accelerate both natural product research and novel drug design, specifically in the field of serotonin psychedelics. This will serve to boost our patent portfolio and increase our speed to bring these drugs to market.

Rob Roscow, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder of Mydecine

The partnership significantly expands research capacity and accelerates both drug development from natural products as well as “novel” drug development. Through this partnership the company currently has the ability to legally cultivate, extract, import, export and commercialize full cGMP pharmaceutical grade natural and synthetic compounds to reciprocal licensed facilities globally. The company expects the increased capabilities to further expand the cGMP offerings.

“Through their work with us, Mydecine has access to tens of millions of dollars of research infrastructure at our facilities across Alberta, and the capability to conduct an extremely robust drug development program,” said Andrew MacIsaac, CEO of Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation. “One of the largest barriers for earlier stage companies as they grow is building true commercial R&D capacity, particularly in a quickly moving sector,” said MacIsaac, “under their agreement with API Mydecine has this in droves and the ability to scale their many programs, pursuing research and development at the cutting edge of this rapidly emerging field.”

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