Mydecine Innovations Group Provides Update on European Operations

 Mydecine Innovations Group (CSE: MYCO) (OTC: MYCOF) (FSE: 0NFA), an emerging biopharma and life sciences company committed to the research, development, and acceptance of alternative nature-sourced therapeutic medicine for mainstream use, announced that it has appointed Michel Rudolphie, former CEO and President of Make-A-Wish International and former Novartis Norway CEO, as President of the Company’s European Operations. In addition to adding new leadership, the Company also announces that it has partnered with Principal Investigator Dr. David Erritzoe at Imperial College London (ICL) to conduct leading research in the expanding field of psychedelics, as well as the creation of a novel collaborative psychopharmacology/psychedelic research clinic between ICL and a major mental health NHS Trust in London.

In an effort to further develop the Company’s international footprint and expand upon its existing clinical research efforts, Michel has been appointed to develop and lead Mydecine’s strategy, business development and comprehensive success across Europe. In addition, he will oversee Mydecine’s European clinical research initiatives and partnerships including its current Phase 2a clinical trials of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy to treat chronic PTSD in veterans and EMS personnel at Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands. 

Michel, a Dutch citizen with a MSc and MBA in Healthcare Management and Policy from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, has an impressive career record in the healthcare industry, with a succession of leadership positions at Novartis for 14 years, including four years serving as CEO of Novartis Norway.

We have significant plans in 2021 to capitalize on the international renaissance for psychedelics-based therapies amongst the medical community and researchers. European universities and other research organizations, particularly those in the U.K. and Netherlands, have shown great enthusiasm and determination to better understand the science of how these drugs work and how they can be utilized to help people suffering from PTSD. In our conversations with Michel, it quickly became clear that his extensive experience in the international pharmaceutical space coupled with his knowledge of developing and executing partnerships with both non-profit and for-profit organizations would be a great asset to our growth. His impressive personal qualifications and as importantly, his demonstrated passion and commitment to advocating for enhanced PTSD treatment for uninformed individuals, perfectly aligns with the vision and mission of Mydecine and we are thrilled to add him to our senior management team.

Josh Bartch, CEO of Mydecine

In 2018, Michel joined Make-A-Wish International as CEO and President and was responsible for moving the international headquarters from Phoenix, Arizona to the Netherlands, in addition to assembling a new team and developing the foundation’s internal and external strategy. Prior to joining Make-A-Wish, he served as the CEO and President of the Dutch Cancer Society, the largest health charity in the Netherlands. He has also previously served in a number of senior management roles within the healthcare industry including as CEO of Bioness and Vice President of European Operations for Nucletron, a global medical device company specializing in innovative products used for cancer treatment. 

“Throughout my career, I have leveraged my experiences in the healthcare sector to advance both start up and mature companies through their various stages of development,” said Michel. “I’m very excited to join the Mydecine team, which has outstanding expertise in new approaches to innovative solutions for treating mental health and enhancing vitality. Having built a culture of scientific excellence, and building a global network among leading research collaborators, Mydecine is poised for its next evolution in meeting compelling patient needs in mental illness and mental disorder.”

With regard to Mydecine’s work with ICL and Dr. Erritzoe, the research to be undertaken in the new NHS-based research clinic is set out to cover: 

  • Experimental psychopharmacology research in healthy populations and in addictions, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, and affective disorders;
  • Proof of concept studies and clinical trials testing efficacy, safety and mechanisms using a range of doses from micro- to macro-doses of psychedelics and associated compounds; 
  • Use of multimodal human brain imaging to investigate mechanisms behind the actions of classic psychedelics and ketamine.

Part of Dr. Erritzoe’s current work includes studies that evaluate the science and efficacy of different doses of psychedelics in order to uncover mechanisms of actions and effects on brain plasticity, and cognitive and emotional processes. “The research of Dr. Erritzoe, who has published extensively on the science of psychedelics and microdosing, is critical to advancing the scientific efficacy of psychedelic medicines, and the results of studies from his team will be of critical importance as we develop the drug design and protocols for future controlled studies led by Mydecine,” said Mr. Bartch. “We are honored to be working with the Centre for Psychedelic Research and the new NHS-based research clinic as they progress and collect this important information to ensure safe use of psychedelics with the goal of producing the best possible outcomes for patients.” 

Dr. Erritzoe is a Clinical Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry at Imperial College London. Alongside his clinical work in medicine/psychiatry, he conducts psychopharmacological research, using brain-imaging techniques such as PET and MRI. He was trained in PET imaging at Columbia University in New York and later undertook a PhD at University Hospital Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. Since 2009 he has been involved in post-doc imaging research in the neurobiology of addictions and major depression at Imperial, and, together with Professor David Nutt and Dr. Carhart-Harris, he investigates mechanisms and therapeutic potential of MDMA and classic psychedelics.

“It is a very interesting time for psychedelic science and we are privileged and thankful to have received support to start an exciting new research clinic based at St Charles Hospital in CNWL Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust that will allow us to expand our clinical psychopharmacological research conducted from the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial,” said Dr. Erritzoe. “Mydecine supports the expansion of ongoing work in the Centre at ICL and their contributions and enthusiasm for furthering this important work.” 

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