MYND Life Sciences Announces Diagnostic Division with Formation of Wholly-Owned Subsidiary – MYND Diagnostics Ltd.

MYND Diagnostics was formed to commercialize proprietary biomarker diagnostic tests for patients suffering from MDD, TRD and other psychiatric disorders.

MYND Life Sciences Inc. (CNSX: MYND)(OTCMKTS: MYNDF), is pleased to announce the formation of its diagnostic biomarker division with the incorporation of a wholly-owned subsidiary, MYND Diagnostics Ltd. (“MYND Diagnostics” or the “Subsidiary”).

MYND Diagnostics’ robust investigational pipeline of diagnostics, novel small molecules, and biologics, is focused on improving disease outcomes, monitoring and improving the treatment experience for patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (“MDD”), Treatment Resistant Depression (“TRD”) and other inflammatory afflictions of the Central Nervous System.  The Subsidiary’s innovation, enabled by proprietary technology, allows for the quantitative and qualitative measurement of the MYND Anti-inflammatory Peptide (“MAP”) biomarker. The subsidiary forecasts revenue by Q2 of 2022.

We are focused on supporting our drug development pipeline with the formation of MYND Diagnostics Ltd., our diagnostic biomarker division which will generate near term revenue through the commercialization of our MAP biomarker. For decades, the diagnosis of psychiatric illness relied almost exclusively on self-reporting and physician observation of symptoms to make a diagnosis. The MAP Biomarker will give healthcare providers an objective monitoring tool that will detect and diagnose mental illness earlier, thereby enabling quicker, more targeted treatments. We will deliver an accurate indicator of depression, therefore allowing for better monitoring of improving or relapsing disease.

Dr. Lyle Oberg MD, MYND.  Life Sciences CEO

MYND Diagnostics Clinical Trials

The Subsidiary’s focus will be to conduct clinical trials to identify a marker for quantitatively diagnosing and monitoring depression in response to treatment. MYND’s Chief Clinical Officer, Iryna Saranchova, MD, Ph.D. will oversee the Subsidiary’s diagnostic trials.

MYND Diagnostics Biomarker Tests

The target market for MYND Diagnostics’ proprietary tests includes hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities and other corporate and pharmaceutical companies, during clinical trials, and once efficacy and safety is demonstrated on humans, direct to consumer and physician.

The Global Biomarkers Market

According to Reports and Data, the global biomarkers market is forecasted to grow at a rate of 13.6%, from USD 41.47 billion in 2019 to USD 115.45 billion in 2027.  The biomarker market is experiencing rapid growth attributed to its increasing application in drug discovery and development, diagnostic, risk assessment of target conditions, and benefits in personalized medication. MYND Diagnostics’ competitive advantage is that its process is cost-effective, time-efficient and can produce test results directly from a dried blood sample rather than the often cumbersome logistics of using vials of whole blood.

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