MYND Life Sciences Inc. Announces Public Listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange

MYND Life Sciences Inc. (MYND), a life sciences company focused on novel psychedelic drug development and pharmaceuticals, is pleased to announce its shares have been approved for listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE“). The Company’s shares will commence trading at market open on May 26, 2021, under the symbol ‘MYND’.

We are incredibly proud have to have driven MYND from incorporation, initial private financing through to securities commission approval and ultimate public listing, all in the span of just one year. Our key differentiator is built upon our proven leadership, the calibre of our Chief Science Officer and his research team, and our innovative intellectual property portfolio. We look forward to providing more information to investors over the coming weeks

Dr. Lyle Oberg, MYND’s Chief Executive Officer

The Company will be capitalizing on this momentum and continue to drive towards the initiation of up to six (6) clinical trials on the efficacy of psilocybin and psilocybin analogs as not only an effective but superior pharmacological treatment for chronic depression and other inflammatory diseases. The Company plans to initiate the trials by Q4 ‘2021.

“This is an important milestone that contributes exponentially to our ongoing research and discovery,” stated Dr. Wilfred Jefferies, MYND’s Board Chairman and Chief Science Officer. “We can now speak to the promise of our science with a broader range of investors whose capital can accelerate our drug development and planned clinical trials,” continued Dr. Jefferies.

The Company is also pleased to announce the signing of the following branding, marketing, and investor relation agreements:

  • Winning Media LLC. for digital marketing, publishing, awareness and writing services for a term of six weeks for consideration of C$160,000;
  • The Company engaged Amherst Baer Consultancy Corp. for consideration of USD$50,000 to provide digital media services, vendor management, marketing, and data analytics services to the Company at www.investorsscene.com, for services over an expected twelve-month period. Amherst Baer is a full-service advertising agency, that owns and operates a proprietary ad exchange who’s integrated SSPs (supply-side platforms) result in access to 2-10 million daily North American ad impressions. Neither Amherst Baer nor any of its directors and officers own any securities of the Company;
  • Sagacity Capital Media for social media awareness, interviews, content generation for a term of 6 months for consideration of C$36,000;
  • The Dales Report for social media awareness, interviews, content generation for a term of 6 months for consideration of C$36,000; and
  • Aktiencheck.de AG for European Marketing Awareness for a term of 6 weeks for consideration of €$50,000.


MYND Life Science Inc. is a leading life sciences company focussed on improving mental health. The Company has confirmed access to Health Canada psilocybin research and development through exemptions granted to its Chief Science Officer, Dr. Wilfred Jefferies. Four separate patents have been filed based on Dr. Jefferies very promising research and development that commenced in 2010 regarding the modulation of a specific gene using neuro agents such as psychedelics and other compounds. Research and development is currently being performed.

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