MYND Life Sciences Working On Truly Novel Research For Depressive And Neurological Diseases

MYND Life Sciences (CNSX: MYND) may not be a house name among psychedelic investors (yet), but it should be. Amidst a bountiful news cycle with plenty of outside-the-box research initiatives being undertaken by the company, MYND is differentiating itself as a true pioneer in the sector. We welcomed back CEO Dr. Lyle Oberg to the interview chair to help investors make sense of it all.

The latest novel initiative announced transpired on June 23, as the company expanded its intellectual property portfolio for diseases of the central nervous system—including methods for treating or delaying Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia.

Unlike most psychedelic companies developing psilocybin compounds to treat depression, MYND Life Sciences is doing the same but also targeting regressive neurological conditions with chemical subclasses of psilocybin analogues that could effectively treat these conditions. If successful, its future therapeutic agents could treat a wide variety of conditions outside of the depressive or substance disorder window most of its competitors are targeting.

Commenting on the company’s latest press release, CEO Dr. Lyle Oberg shares additional information on its significance:

But there are some key points that were in that press release that maybe fairly subtle. And one of the key points is, when it comes to Alzheimer’s disease, we’re not just stopping it, we’re not just slowing it, but we’re actually regressing it. So just think on that one for a minute.

Dr. Oberg also breaks down the company’s recent Letter of Intent with Eyam Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics and Exclusive Licensing Agreement with respect to Eyam’s proprietary technologies for applications to central nervous system vaccines. Eyam is using self-amplifying mRNA vaccines to attack the inflammation that is largely responsible for a myriad of neurological conditions. Exciting next-generation developments are in the works!

Click on the embedded link for more of our newest interview with MYND Life Sciences CEO Dr. Lyle Oberg, in his own words.

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