NeonMind Announces Launch of Functional Mushroom Coffees as Dietary Supplements in the US

NeonMind Biosciences Inc. (CNSX: NEON) (OTCMKTS: NMDBF), a psychedelic drug development company, is pleased to announce that it has launched its NeonMind branded functional mushroom coffee products as dietary supplements in the United States. The initial launch includes two ground coffee SKUs that are now available for delivery anywhere within the US. Two instant coffee SKUs are anticipated to be added within a month.

The new website for US sales is live at intl.neonmind.com and is supported by Shopify. Products can be purchased individually and can be ordered as a subscription to receive a 10% discount The website was built to be mobile friendly and focus on a customer-first strategy. Consumers can sign up to NeonMind’s newsletter to receive the latest news, product releases and recipe information.

Each of the functional mushroom blends and botanicals selected in NeonMind coffees include adaptogens, which means that they work with one’s body to help manage physical, mental and emotional stressors. Functional mushroom specifically refers to mushroom varieties that have a health benefit beyond providing nutrition. Functional mushrooms found in NeonMind coffees, such as cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi, and turkey tail; offer long-term physical, neurological and immunological benefits.

The initial product launch will feature two varieties of ground coffee. The Protect Blend is a Peruvian Medium Roast French Vanilla Coffee, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Moringa extract, and Amla extract. These ingredients have the proven benefit of stress relief, immune support, and cognitive support. The Focus Blend is a Peruvian Dark Roast Coffee with Lion’s Mane extract, Reishi extract, Gotu Kola extract, and Brahmi extract. These ingredients are a healthy source of fungal polysaccharides with immuno-modulating properties that help improve memory and cognitive function, increase alertness, support the immune system and fight mental and physical stress. The Company will soon launch its two instant coffee blends in the US as dietary supplements.

The NeonMind coffee dietary supplements follow all FDA regulations that focus on Comprehensive GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) to ensure the identity, purity, quality, strength and composition of dietary supplements. NeonMind only uses certified organic mushroom extracts which go through the decoction process (traditional water boiling) to maximize the bioavailability of the product. NeonMindfollows strict US pharmacopeia guidelines for lead and other chemicals required by Proposition 65 for safe and daily intake. All final production batches are sent to a third party lab for stringent microbial testing in order for the copacker to release the product certificate of analysis which signifies that the product is safe for the consumer market.

The global functional mushroom market was valued at USD $25.4 billion in 2020, and it is estimated to register a compound annual growth rate of 8.44% during the forecast period 2021-2026, according to a report by Mordor Intelligence.

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