Numinus Maps Out Cure For PTSD With Open Label Study

The final months of the year have the tendency to be kind to investors in the psychedelics space, and with the start of Q4 only months away, Shadd and Payton discussed the latest developments with both Numinus and the industry as a whole.

Health Canada’s recent approval of the MAPS sponsored Single Arm Open Label safety study looking to connect MDMA therapy with the treatment of PTSD. The approval could help expedite the legislative regulation of psychedelics in Canada, all while altering the stigmatism often associated with the use of psychoactive chemicals in medicine.

In a previous interview, Nyquvest had predicted that legislative approval could come as soon as next year, and the steps being taken by MAPS only increases the likelihood of this breakthrough.

“I think we’ve seen a lot of advancements, obviously from the recent work MAPS has done are staggering. But I think the regulatory environment continues to be supportive and MAPS is doing an incredible job to move the needle forward, and we are grateful to be a part of it.”

The approval from Health Canada puts Numinus in a prime position to be a frontrunner in the space, thanks to their collaboration with MAPS and their involvement with the study.

For Nyquvest, the work needed at the moment involves figuring out how the study’s positive findings can be put to use in real world settings and how they can make the product as accessible to people when regulation does go into effect.

While timeframes are still speculative at best, Shadd didn’t refrain from asking the question that hoards of psychedelic investors are itching to know.

“Do you think that we will be ready on day one?”

The term “ready” can have many meanings, and Nyquvest offered an answer that I feel gives a clear glimpse into the real hurdle facing the space today.

In his response, the Numinus CEO pointed to the need for education and the desire to better inform the public of the proven medical benefits that he and his team are discovering using psychoactive products.

Let’s be honest. Psychedelics and their use in medicine often evoke memories of the failed Harvard experiments of the 70s. Aside from these obviously flawed scientific endeavors, psychedelics are often seen as an illegal substance that alters a user’s state of mind and puts them in an uncontrollable reality.

In short, its not the sort of subject you would want to bring up at the office coffee machine or the family reunion without running the risk of forever branding yourself as a hallucinating hippy.

Nyquvest is right in stating that the ability to eradicate the current stigmatism associated with the drug could be the bigger battle.

A large part of this education will ultimately come in the form of clinically driven data and success storied.

“66% success rate with people no longer meeting the PTSD criteria with three treatments is so astronomically better and significant than the way we treat PTSD right now.” Nyquvest adds that he “thinks its important for people to understand what this is really about.”

“For psychedelic therapy in general, this is an intervention, curative intent treatment. The is not a pharmaceutical that you are going to take every day for the rest of your life. This is a cure for PTSD for people. This is a cure.”

But to answer the question on Numinus Wellness and their preparedness for an eventual “day 1,” Nyquvest discloses that the industry is still within its infant stages, but that significant research and evidence supports the case he and Numinus are looking to prove.

Dales and Nyquvest dive further into the current state of the psychedelics industry from a medical and investing standpoint.

Ultimately both agree that 2022 looks to be a breakout year for the MDMA space, and Nyquvest is confident that Canada might be the country to lead the way into the future.

The 13 minute conversation offers investors an exclusive look into the braintrust that is defining the industry and the confidence and conviction Nyquvest has for MDMA’s place in the world of medicine makes the rapid acceptance and expansion of the psychedelics industry seem like a foregone conclusion.

You remember that great investment opportunity you missed out on? Well, the writing is on the wall here, and science is quickly proving that these companies have the true potential to change the world.


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