Numinus Wellness Begins Trading On The TSX

Numinus Wellness will be available for expanded public trading on December 16.  The stock now trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange, commonly referred to as the TSX.  Numinus Wellness is a mental health care enterprise focused on developing innovative treatment modalities.  The company’s primary therapies are psychedelic substances.  Numinus Wellness’ psychedelic therapies are evidence-based.  The announcement of Numinus’ transition to a more mainstream trading exchange is music to the ears of current and prospective psychedelics investors.

Details About Numinus’ Shift to the TSX

With the uplist, the company’s public listing shifts from the TSX Venture Exchange, known as the TSXV, to the TSX.  Common shares of Numinus on the TSX with the NUMI symbol remains unchanged. Numinus also lists warrants for trading on TSX with the symbols of NUMI.WT.C, NUMI.WT.B and NUMI.WT.  

Numinus’ brass has made it abundantly clear that no action is necessary by current Numinus shareholders at this time as the transition takes shape.  The shares of Numinus currently owned by shareholders who purchased the stock on the TSXV exchange have not undergone any changes.  Nor have the warrants or the structure of the company’s shares change due to the listing graduation.  The TSXV and TSX recently published bulletins detailing the graduation for review by financial institutions as well as retail investors.

Numinus Will Start Publicly Trading With a Bang

Numinus is going public with considerable fanfare.  The company’s executives are celebrating the start of expanded public trading by ringing the TSX opening bell. To be more specific, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Numinus, Payton Nyquvest, rang the bell of the exchange alongside members of the company’s senior management team.

Numinus Quarterly Figures of Note

Numinus’ latest quarterly results reveal the company is finishing out the year with a cash position of nearly $60 million.  The company’s revenue grew more than 80% on a year over year basis, hitting half a million dollars in the fourth quarter of ’21.  Numinus revenue grew 72% on a year over year basis, reaching $1.5 million.  The company’s gross profit in the fourth quarter of ’21 is $31,818.

Why Numinus’ Listing Graduation to the TSX is Important

Numinus’ transition from the TSXV to the TSX is important as it democratizes the company’s ownership all the more.  The transition sets the stage for even more institutional and retail investors to scoop up shares of the company.  The graduation of Numinus to the TSX will help the company raise that much more capital.  This additional financing sets the stage for Numinus to deliver its psychedelic therapies to patients that much faster and more efficiently.  

Numinus’ business model is centered on the research and production of psychedelic-assisted therapies.  The company’s ethos is healing patients rather than merely managing or mitigating their symptoms.  The gradual acceptance of psychedelic therapies in the mainstream will empower patients suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, trauma and substance abuse to obtain potentially life-changing relief through alternative treatment modalities.  

Those interested in learning more about Numinus including its potential in the context of investing are invited to perform research by surfing the web over to the company’s website at www.numinus.com or one of its many social media pages.  Prospective psychedelics investors can also learn more about investing in this emerging space by checking out the Pyschedelics page of The Dales Report.


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