Numinus Wellness is Progressing Toward Public Trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange

Numinus Wellness (TSXV: NUMI)(CVE:NUMI), typically shortened to “Numinus”, recently received conditional approval to become the newest psychedelic stock traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  Numinus is a mental health care provider that specializes in innovating safe mental health treatment modalities including the use of psychedelic therapies.  

Though the use of psychedelics for improved mental health has been controversial for decades, the mainstream media and everyday people are now much more open to considering the merits of this alternative treatment modality.  Numinus has earned conditional approval to segue from its TSX Venture Exchange listing, referred to as the TSXV, to the Toronto Stock Exchange, also referred to as the TSX exchange.

Why Numinus’ Listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange is Important

The ensuing listing of Numinus on the Toronto Stock Exchange is meaningful in that it will likely steer that much more media attention and investor dollars toward the stock.  The transition will elevate the company’s profile, helping to connect the business with more customers as well as investors.  Numinus is quickly expanding its clinic throughout the continent, bolstering its lab capabilities and spending additional funds on clinical research to catalyze the creation of long-term value.

Prospective Numinus investors should be aware the final approval for the company’s listing is still subject to the company meeting the conditions mandated by the exchange.  These conditions include those of the customary and standard variety.  The company’s management has acknowledged it is making progress toward fulfilling those conditions.  The date of Numinus’ transition to the Toronto Stock Exchange will be made official upon the granting of the final approval.

Once Numinus is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, common shares will still be traded with the symbol of NUMI.  The outstanding limited warrants will be traded under the symbols of NUMI.WT.C, NUMI.WT.B and NUMI.WT.

What Investors Should Know About Numinus

Numinus is an intriguing investment largely because it is making progress in bringing psychedelic treatments to the mainstream.  Numinus’ business model is centered on the research and production of psychedelics to improve mental health and overarching patient well-being.  These psychedelic treatment modalities are front and center as more and more people consider the merits of using alternative methods of healing for a wide range of pathologies.  

Patients suffering from substance abuse, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health problems are opening their minds to the idea of using psychedelics such as those created by the scientists at Numinus.  

The Numinus mantra is “Connect.  Heal.  Thrive.”  Numinus researchers combine psychedelic medicine with evidence-based care for a truly integrated healing approach.  Examples of Numinus psychedelics used to enhance mental health through a combination of medicine and psychotherapy include ketamine therapy, MDMA, psilocybin and CBT.  Though these substances have not been legalized on the federal level throughout North America, doors are quickly opening for their use in the context of medical treatment.

The Numinus brass describes itself as “leading the integration of psychedelic-assisted therapies into mainstream clinical practice” in an attempt to fortify the foundation that will serve as the basis for a healthier and more productive society.  Investors who would like to learn more about Numinus can do so by visiting the company’s website at www.numinus.com  and also by checking out its many social media profiles.


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