Nyquvest on Numinus MDMA Therapy Prospects

On the last Trade To Black podcast, we round tabled our thoughts on Numinus Wellness’ Q3 report and the company’s activities. This podcast, we welcome back Numinus Founder & CEO, Payton Nyquvest. During this TDR Psychedelics Exclusive, he’ll share his own thoughts on Numinus’ Q3 performance, their clinical models, and prospects for MDMA assisted therapy.

Nyquvest explains their latest earnings report from his perspective as CEO. We have known that the company has been focusing on a clinical model, but does he feel confident in that paying off? Part of that talk about the clinical model involves the company’s current financial status, and how its focus is affecting revenue.

It’s clear that Numinus Wellness (TSE: NUMI) is acting out a strategy, and part of that is working towards building a network of practitioners and facilities. MDMA and using it in therapy settings is still not approved. How confident does Nyquvest feel that eventually that approval is going to happen?

Turning to the subject of the recent MAPS Psychedelic Conference, we discuss some of the triggers that happened. It was an amazing event, with over 500 speakers on the subject of psychedelics and their potential.

As we dive deeper into Numinus’ financial and infrastructure strategies, we ask more about the company’s elevated cash burns. How is can their financial model can still assure a bullish outlook considering the cash burns that the company has been experiencing for months, and how long will they be doing this?

As you may know, we’ve been watching companies in the cannabis space moving towards listings on the TSX, with an eye towards eventual NASDAQ listing. Are there any plans for bringing Numinus Wellness to a NASDAQ listing itself? Nyquvest explains where this is on their priority list. After all, he reminds us, getting listed is not a cheap process. As people begin to look around for more MDMA assisted therapies, with MAPS still being a private entity, Numinus moving towards going public may be just a matter of timing.

Will readouts become the catalysts of the industry? And who is Numinus’ New CFO? Tune in to this episode to find out!

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