PsyBio Therapeutics Files Patent Application with USPTO for Production Methods of Methylated Trypatamines and Associated Analogs

PsyBio’s intellectual property portfolio now includes seven pending provisionals and one pending non-provisional patent application

Company has also initiated preclinical studies aimed at treating psychologic and neurologic conditions

PsyBio Therapeutics Corp.(CVE: PSYB)(OTCMKTS: PSYBF), an intellectual property driven biotechnology company developing novel formulations of psychoactive medications produced by genetically modified bacteria and other innovative mediums for the potential treatment of mental health challenges and other neurological disorders, has filed a new provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) entitled Methods for the Production of a Methylated Tryptamines and Intermediates or Side Products, adding additional methylated tryptamines including compounds such as N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (“DMT”) and associated analogs for development of potential treatments for a variety of human health conditions. PsyBio’s intellectual property portfolio now includes seven pending provisionals and one pending non-provisional patent application.

The addition of methylated tryptamines with pending patent protection is focused on the potential improvement of treatments for mental health conditions including depression, anxiety and addiction, as well as other psychological and neurologic conditions.

DMT, as an example of a methylated tryptamine, is a tryptophan-derived alkaloid naturally present in certain plants and animals. DMT has an extensive history of being ingested as a mixture called Ayahuasca among several indigenous groups from the Northwestern Amazon for therapeutic purposes. Ayahuasca is a combination of DMT, made from the leaves of the shrub Psychotria viridis, and monoamine oxidase inhibitors required for DMT work, from the vine Banisteriopsis caapi. As a structural analog of serotonin, DMT binds a subset of serotonin receptors in the brain which is believed to be the basis for its purported therapeutic effect.

“This innovative technology adds a wide range of new potential drug candidates to PsyBio’s portfolio of microbially derived small molecules,” said Dr. J. Andrew Jones, Chairman of the PsyBio Scientific Advisory Board and Co-Inventor on the provisional patent application. “Leveraging the scalability and speed of a bacterial biosynthetic approach for these compounds is expected to lead to a cost competive synthesis with reduced environmental impact over current production methods.”

PsyBio has leveraged its expertise in synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, biomedicinal chemistry, clinical pharmacology and drug development using genetically modified organisms and, when appropriate, targeted synthesis to produce DMT and other relevant target analogs for potential therapeutic treatment of mental health challenges and other neurological disorders. PsyBio has filed intellectual property on a method for the production of a methylated tryptamine or an intermediate thereof utilizing a prokaryotic host. PsyBio intends to continue utilizing its resources to rapidly develop and test new drug candidates within this and other psychedelic categories in anticipation of launching future clinical trials.

PsyBio continues to build a highly talented in-house team of world class scientists, engineers, medicinal chemists and pharmacology experts enabling the Company to build its intellectual property portfolio of novel drug candidates. The Company by design has high quality internal resourses to discover and actively screen compounds that could possibly have a positive impact on human health across a variety of medical indications. The Company is conducting scientifically designed experiments to leverage these new innovations and plans to move target candidates into scaled commercial manufacturing and regulatory application upon rigorous preclinical safety and efficacy testing, identifying a confirmed signal in one of our selected indications and receipt of all necessary regulatory approvals.

Evan Levine, PsyBio’s Chief Executive Office

“PsyBio’s strategy is to continually expand its drug discovery portfolio by adding additional classes of molecular targets, including methylated tryptamines such as DMT and related compounds,” said Michael Spigarelli, PsyBio’s Chief Medical Officer. “This concept allows PsyBio to prioritize selection and indication matching, moving the safest and most active single agent and combination therapeutic candidates forward into clinical trials.”

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