PsyBio Therapeutics Initiates Process Development of Proprietary Biosynthetic Norbaeocystin

PsyBio Therapeutics Corp.(CVE: PSYB)(OTCMKTS: PSYBF), a leader in the field of psychedelic research and drug development, has initiated process development of its proprietary biosynthetic formulation of norbaeocystin in collaboration with the Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts Process Development Unit, a scale-up facility managed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory. Norbaeocystin is an analogue of psilocybin and is not a controlled substance. The Company has commenced  Phase I of this process, including analytical chemistry technical transfer to establish detection methods for fermentation products and key feedstocks and metabolites.

We are pleased to have moved our second product candidate intended to be utilized in conjunction with psilocybin from the laboratories of Dr. J. Andrew Jones at Miami University to a governmental research facility to begin preparations to scale production of our proprietary biosynthetic norbaeocystin in anticipation for use in clinical trials. This is a continuation of our endeavours to develop more nature inspired psychedelic therapeutics with improved characteristics and properties versus mono-therapy psilocybin which is currently being studied broadly for potential activity against depression, anxiety, PTSD and substance abuse.

Evan Levine, Chief Executive Officer of PsyBio.

In collaboration with Miami University, Oxford Ohio, PsyBio is developing a portfolio of tryptamine derived therapeutic candidates inspired by plants and fungi with psychedelic properties that are intended to be studied in clinical trials to determine efficacy to improve patient outcomes for a variety of mental health and other disorders. Utilizing an efficient patent pending bacterial synthesis process, the Company is endeavoring to deliver a next generation of targeted psychoactive medications. It is expected that PsyBio’s method enabling the rapid generation of a highly stable compound will be cheaper, faster and greener than any other published production method.

“In recent years,  psilocybin has been broadly accepted as a therapeutic candidate for a variety of health challenges, however, naturally occuring intermediates in the pathway have not shared similar research attention despite sharing many structural similarities to  psilocybin”, stated J. Andrew Jones, Ph.D., Chairman of the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board. “Our research is based on studying these other metabolites from the biosynthetic pathway to potentially develop superior therapeutics with improved medicinal properties. Through our research collaboration with Dr. Matthew McMurray in the psychology department at Miami University and direct access to an in house vivarium, we have been developing and filing intellectual property on tryptamine combinations that have not previously been studied, yet have demonstrated early indications of unique properties that our team is optimizing for intended clinical use.”

About PsyBio Therapeutics Corp.

PsyBio is a biotechnology company developing novel formulations of psychoactive medications produced by genetically modified bacteria for the treatment of mental health and other disorders. The team has experience in drug discovery based on synthetic biology as well as clinical and regulatory experience moving drugs through human studies and regulatory protocols. Research and development are currently ongoing for naturally occurring tryptamines found in different varieties of magic mushrooms, other tryptamines and phenethylamines and combinations thereof. The Company is also researching and developing new molecular structures that do not occur in nature which may have unique therapeutics properties.

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