Psychedelics Companies Investors Should Get To Know

In this latest Trade to Black podcast, Matthew “Whiz” Buckley, psychedelic investor and No Fallen Heroes Founder joins host Shadd Dales and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell. Our topic of conversation today: psychedelics, the companies we like, and why investors may want to consider them – especially as the mental health industry begins to grow.

Like many members of the armed forces leaving behind the military life, Whiz found his transition to civilian status challenging. The No Fallen Heroes Foundation was made to help educate others on the mental health tolls paid by veterans and first responders. Whiz is a strong proponent of psychedelic-assisted therapy. As an investor, he’s also highly versed in the activity happening in the industry.

Following the MAPS Psychedelics Science Conference, there was a significant increase in many stocks. Whiz explains to prospective investors exactly how the psychedelics stocks work, and why they may want to consider a few specific companies. There are many psychedelic companies to invest in, but how do they choose which companies they can trust – and who won’t fold immediately?

This industry has the potential to be “as big as the internet,” and has projected eventual exponential growth. That said, given several factors including the newness of the industry, it’s also important for investors to keep expectations in check. We’ll explain in more detail why. If you’re looking to invest, how do psychedelics compare to the cannabis sector? We’ll explain that too.

We’re certain that big pharma will jump on the bandwagon if they see opportunities. If that happens, commercialization will be inevitable. But how exactly does Washington feel about supporting psychedelic treatments and research? We know how they’re feeling about cannabis, but given the $820b price tag for substance-use disorders, might they adopt a different approach towards legalizing psychedelics?

Can healthcare and earnings really go together? Here’s our thoughts.

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