Psychedelics Will Need To Ride The Wave Of Policy Shifts

We’re back with another The Dales Report Psychedelic Exclusive. Today we have the opportunity to sit down with Setti Coscarella, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, and Ronan Levy, an esteemed advisor, from Safe Supply. We explore the promising potential of psychedelics and the exciting business opportunities it offers, and how companies will need to cope with policy shifting in this emerging industry.

We kick off the podcast with a discussion about the potential of psychedelics and business opportunities in the space, especially since right now psychedelics companies are evolving and merging quickly. We share our thoughts and perspective on the market outlook over the coming years, highlighting the potential for growth and social impact.

There’s an interplay between drug policy and the psychedelics industry, too, that we’ll take a closer look at. With many clinical results showing that psychedelics could significantly help in a number of mental health issues, advocates emphasize the need for a compassionate approach to address substance abuse issues.

This highlights the importance of collaboration between companies and governments to develop policies that support safe supply and harm reduction measures. We also touch upon the positive impact of decriminalization models, exemplified by Portugal’s approach, which has led to reduced crime rates and improved outcomes for individuals struggling with addiction.

Don’t miss this examination of investment opportunities in the psychedelics industry, presented with a focus on understanding government policies and engaging in meaningful dialogue to support their successful implementation.

This podcast discusses the potential for psychedelics, such as MDMA and psilocybin, to be used as effective therapeutic treatments for conditions like PTSD. It also highlights the transformative impact of recent regulatory shifts, such as the rescheduling of cannabis, and the resulting opportunities for growth and investment in the sector.

Join us as we discover the potential for growth and the business possibilities that lie ahead in this rapidly developing industry, driven by advancements in research, changing attitudes, and government initiatives.

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