Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Reaffirms His Support For Medicinal Psychedelics In New Interview

In a recent podcast interview, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. shared his perspectives on the potential of psychedelics as a mental health treatment. This revelation coincides with President Joe Biden’s imminent decision on a substantial defense bill, which, if passed, would allocate funds for studies involving psychedelics on active duty service members.

The independent presidential candidate recounted how an ayahuasca experience profoundly impacted his son, aiding him in processing the loss of his mother, Mary Richardson Kennedy. This personal encounter prompted Kennedy to reconsider the legalization of such substances, expressing a preference for their availability—particularly in therapeutic settings. He emphasized the importance of structuring access to discourage corporate control and exploitation.

Kennedy further elaborated on his son’s transformative journey with ayahuasca in Patagonia, describing a comprehensive emotional experience that facilitated forgiveness, love, understanding, comprehension, empathy, and compassion. The positive change observed in his son’s demeanor after the trip prompted Kennedy to advocate for broader access to such therapeutic experiences.

Furthermore, Kennedy highlighted instances of acquaintances—including a Navy SEAL with severe PTSD and NFL players grappling with brain injuries and depression, who underwent ayahuasca experiences and reported similar transformative results. This exposure has opened Kennedy’s mind to the possibility that there may be therapeutic benefits yet to be fully understood, emphasizing the importance of individual freedom to explore such treatments.

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In addition to discussing psychedelics, Robert F. Kennedy , who is running for the White House in the 2024 elections, has addressed cannabis reform. Notably, he views marijuana legalization as a potential solution to the country’s drug addiction crisis, drawing from his own experiences with heroin addiction in his youth.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Echoes Previous Statements On Psychedelics

Previously over the summer, the kin of the ex-Attorney General Robert Kennedy and the nephew of President John F. Kennedy had committed to the legalization of cannabis and psychedelics should he secure election. In a bold move, he has also criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a fellow GOP presidential candidate, for his stance against the decriminalization of cannabis.

Of all potential presidential candidates in 2024, TDR believes that Robert F. Kennedy is one of the more amenable candidates towards psychedelic therapies.

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