Shandraw On What To Expect At Upcoming MAPS Conference

We’re back with another TDR Psychedelic Exclusive. In this latest episode, Cody Shandraw, Founder and Managing Partner of Ambria Capital, joins us to talk about MAPS, MDMA, the Food and Drug Administration, and more. Ambria Capital is an investment firm focused on companies in agriculture, consumer, healthcare, and technology industries. Some of their investment targets include companies like MycroDose Therapeutics and WeSana Health.

Part of the hot goss we’ll be discussing with Shandraw today: the upcoming MAPS Conference, what to anticipate, and what sort of big announcements we might hear there.

Will MDMA ever be approved? That’s a question on a lot of minds. If it does, the first 24 months afterwards will be interesting, to say the least. Will it cause some massive changes in the industry? Definitely. Shandraw has thoughts on MDMA’s future and discusses the potential commercialization of MDMA if approved by the FDA.

He also shares with us thoughts on the current practices and their retrofitting, plus some of the practical details: number of therapists, real estate needs, and the cities that will be searching for these sorts of therapies. The Numinus Network looks like an increasingly smart move. Listen in to find out why.

Most will agree that the current state of mental health care is awful. Therapy isn’t even talked about enough as it is. What might we be able to expect once psychedelics enter the mix? And if MDMA therapy becomes available, what is it likely to cost?

Shandraw recently launched the Healing REIT for mental health, which focuses on the real estate clinical model in America. He explains how current Ketamine clinics are struggling to gain profitability, and how their REIT will help change the business side of real estate for mental health. After signing a 99 year non-compete clause with Healing MAPS, Healing REIT’s data proprietary tool allows them to understand which locations across the country to invest in enabling practitioners to operate a long sustainable business model.

Here’s how it works.

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