TREAT California’s $5B Goal for Mental Healthcare

Welcome to our latest TDR Psychedelics Exclusive. We’re on location in Denver, CO at the MAPS conference. This podcast, we’re sitting with the founder and CEO of TREAT California, Dr. Jeannie Fontana, MD PHD. Dr. Fontana shares with us their agency’s $5 billion goal to improve mental healthcare.

TREAT California a citizen driven ballot initiative with a mission to secure that $5B for psychedelic medicine research and access for all. How it works? They will pursue promising breakthroughs in psychedelic-assisted mental health therapies by creating the TREAT Institute. The TREAT Institute will be a state funded agency. As such, the company’s processes and funding model differ from private equities. Dr. Fontana will explain more about how this combined public-private fund that acts like a venture capital, and how they intend to use their money to fund advanced treatments.

Small scale trials in psychedelics have shown possible avenues in treating PTSD, depression, anxiety and more. Dr. Fontana discusses some of the critical aspects of funding advanced treatments like psychedelic-assisted therapies, and how doing so could completely revolutionize the healthcare system.

Do you know how much is spent on substance-use disorders? The answer might just blow your mind. Raising awareness is one of the goals of the MAPS conference, and the cost of not doing business in psychedelics for mental health might be coming clear.

We explore how development facilities would benefit from their exclusive terms in order to deliver better and more accessible mental health treatments for all. We also discuss the various stages involved in bringing these treatments to market, and the critical role that timely funding plays in expediting this process. We’ll also take a hard look at the psychedelic-assisted treatments TREAT will explore plus its advantages, challenges, and ethical considerations it will face.

If successful, TREAT California will fund revolutionary treatments. Join us as we dive deeper in understanding their campaign. Is this the perfect mental healthcare framework?

Here’s the latest.

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