Wake Network Retains CRO Santé Cannabis to Conduct Clinical Trials in Psilocybin Therapies

Wake Network Inc., a global leader in psilocybin and medicinal mushroom production and developer of genomics-based integration therapies, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Santé Cannabis (“Sante”) for consultation and clinical research services to support Wake clinical trials in Canada. Both parties to this new relationship are committed to excellence in clinical research and patient access to psychedelic medicine with a focus on naturally derived psilocybin.

This agreement, under which Wake and Santé will collaborate on clinical research initiatives in Canada, is the first of its kind, bringing together an innovative leader in the psychedelic medicine space with a pioneer of medical cannabis research and clinical practice to bring trailblazing discoveries of new and more effective treatment options for patients. As two emergent complementary medicines, many parallels exist between the medical cannabis industry and the currently developing psychedelic medicine industry. This engagement will build on the strong foundation on Santé, having treated more than 10,000 patients since 2014 under a real-world data protocol. With this engagement, Wake finds significant value by capitalizing on Santé’s experience navigating complex regulatory changes and leveraging years of expertise with naturally derived controlled substances.

Santé is a key partner to for Wake as they are a leading contract research organization (CRO) in Canada with expertise in advancing plant-based pharmaceutical products through various phases of clinical trial development. This relationship enables us to initiate our clinical research program and marks an important step for Wake in Canada. Working with such an experienced partner in the field of complementary medicines, we can offer a unique opportunity for physicians to learn about our clinical research program and to broaden their knowledge base on all aspects relating to the benefits of psychedelics.

Nick Murray, Chief Executive Officer of Wake

Under this engagement, in addition to the clinical trials, Santé will also engage with physicians, therapists, and research investigators as partners in psychedelic medicine and research development.

“The opportunity to work with Wake Network, a company committed to the scientific advancement of psychedelic medicines, is one that our team values greatly. Our clinical research and professional training experience has shown us the positive impact of bringing a new clinical tool to physicians. We are excited to explore the potential of emergent psychedelic therapies. Patients deserve more options, and to be assured of the safety and efficacy of their treatments; similarly, physicians deserve answers and are a critical partner in the development of this new therapeutic class,” says Erin Prosk, President of Santé.

Training will be provided within the research program for licensed practitioners to assess the safety of psychedelic medicines and to classify and report positive and adverse events. Wake and Santé will create a portfolio of resources for all licensed practitioners that will include the pillars of safe and effective use including informed consent, harm reduction, patient monitoring and ongoing support.

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