Wesana Health Commences Functional Animal Study for Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury

Wesana Health Holdings Inc(CSE: WESA) an emerging data driven life sciences company focused on developing innovative approaches for better understanding, protecting and improving neurological health and performance, including through the advancement of psychedelic medicines, today announced the commencement of functional animal studies to determine effect of a psilocybin-based regimen on locomotor activity as well as anxiety and depression. Results from the anxiety and depression study are expected by early Q4 2021.

The locomotor study was designed to determine whether selected combinations of doses of the test product had any effects on locomotor activity and how pronounced this effect might be. Preliminary results, just released, indicate all combination doses were well tolerated with no evidence of untoward drug-drug interactions. This data is extremely encouraging and enabled us to commence with the validated functional animal study in models of anxiety and depression with an active control earlier than planned.

Mark A. Wingertzahn, PhD, CSO of Wesana

The functional animal studies come on the heels of a recently completed retrospective Pilot Study to gather quantitative data pertaining to user experiences with components of a combination therapy for treating mild to moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI), anxiety and/or depression related to previous TBI and migraine headaches unrelated to TBI. Based on learnings from the Pilot Study, a Pivotal Study is scheduled to begin in August 2021 and conclude in late Q3 2021.

“Anxiety and Depression are hallmark symptoms of TBI and employing real-world human and validated animal models allows us to better understand and investigate current and potential therapies and protocols to treat a wide range of conditions with roots in the brain,” said Daniel Carcillo, co-founder and CEO of Wesana.

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