Zappy Zapolin On The New Era For Mental Health

We’re happy to welcome back Zappy Zapolin to this TDR Psychedelics Exclusive to talk about what might be the new era of mental health. Zappy Zapolin is a well-known advocate in the psychedelics space, a filmmaker, and the co-founder of the biotech company Psycheceutical.

Today, Zapolin gives us his perspective on the current events happening in the psychedelics industry and the opinions around the space. The future is starting to look good for the idea of normalizing psychedelic compounds as part of treatments. Could this boom as fast as AI technology? Zapolin thinks it’s possible.

Of course, with big progress comes big challenges to overcome, and people are notoriously resistant to the idea of change. This might explain how the psychedelics narrative looks a lot like another industry we’re familiar with – cryptocurrencies. We’ll explain why as we delve into the new era of psychedelics that we’re beginning to enter.

The public’s perspectives aren’t the only ones that may need to alter; psychedelics in psychotherapy will require a lot of professionals to get interested – and involved. Rick Doblin believes firmly that therapists need direct experience. Will this be the best course to understand how to use these psychedelic molecules and compounds effectively? And what about microdosing? Zapolin and host Shadd Dales chat about whether this will help with solving the problems mental health care needs.

Part of our deep dive will focus on the current treatments being developed, as well as the trials currently happening in the industry. The MAPS readout alone could be critical. The results of these trials could be the trigger point to get more institutional pharmaceutical investors to jump aboard. If they do, the psychedelics industry wouldn’t be worth just millions or billions of dollars, it could be trillions.

Join us as we talk about the data and what it will take to build this brand new industry out of currently illicit – but quite possibly revolutionary – compounds. True data is coming. Is change inevitable? Find out our thoughts when you tune in.

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