Initiating Coverage: Ready Capital Corporation

Ready Capital Corporation has been rated as a “Buy,” indicating a significant investment opportunity. This rating is based on an in-depth analysis of the company’s financial health, growth prospects, and operational efficiency in relation to its competitors and industry benchmarks. The key point of our recommendation is the projected one-year price target of $12.04, which suggests a potential 50% increase from the current stock price of $8.74. This estimate is supported by strong financial metrics that point to a competitive edge and positive returns.

Our assessment focuses on several important financial areas. First, Ready Capital Corporation’s revenue stands out, with a reported figure of $429.31 million which greatly exceeds the median of $226.97 million for the index. The company has consistently generated positive revenue and net income over the past two years, significantly outperforming index averages. Although its revenue growth rate of 4% is slightly below the index’s 5%, its net income growth rate of 6% is in stark contrast to the index’s 18.3% decline.

Regarding cash flow health, the analysis of Levered Free Cash Flow (LFCF) highlights some challenges, with LFCF at $51.13 million, below the industry median. Despite this, the company has consistently achieved positive LFCF, outdoing the industry standard and indicating operational resilience. However, the -86% decline in LFCF growth points to areas needing strategic improvement.

The company’s balance sheet reveals its financial strength, as shown by an Altman Z Score of 9.34, which significantly beats the index’s 2.40, indicating a low risk of bankruptcy. While the Debt-to-Tangible Equity Ratio raises some leverage concerns, it also suggests growth opportunities through strategic investments. The company’s shareholder and buyback yield figures demonstrate its commitment to shareholder value, even if it slightly falls behind the index.

Dividend metrics present a nuanced perspective. The current dividend yield of 13.7% far exceeds the index average, making it appear attractive. However, the high dividend yield to LFCF yield ratio raises questions about future dividend sustainability. The decrease in dividend growth over the past year calls for careful financial management to maintain long-term viability and investor appeal.

The valuation analysis, considering these factors and using a conservative approach, sets a dividend target of $1.07 based on the company’s levered free cash flow. Applying a 15X Dividend Multiple and a -25% adjustment for dividend stability leads to a valuation of $12.04. This suggests the stock might be undervalued, providing a favorable entry point for investors.

Ultimately, Ready Capital Corporation offers an attractive investment proposition, underscored by robust financial metrics, operational efficiency, and a promising growth outlook. The “Buy” rating signifies confidence in the company’s sector performance, propelled by strategic strengths and a solid market presence. Investors should weigh this analysis against their investment strategies, recognizing the company’s potential for growth amidst inherent risks.

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