Crypto Defined Ep 1: Changing The Way You View Crypto

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has rapidly changed the world of financial investing, but this fast paced world is often overwhelming for those looking to truly understand how to play these digital markets.

The Dales Report is proud to introduce Crypto Defined, a new series that sees TDR’s Nicolle Hodges and Anthony Varrell walk you through the latest developments in the cryptoshpere.

This exciting new look into the world of blockchain finance will see Nicolle, admittedly new to the space, rely on Anthony’s expertise and savviness in the crypto arena to help her navigate these fast paced markets.

The series aims to not only educate those new to the space, but to also provide real life applications to the topics being discussed, inviting the listener to participate with the duo as they look to profit off of their investments.

In the first episode, Nicolle and Anthony pull the curtain back on some of the most common bitcoin misconceptions. No, it is not solely a get rich scheme, and it is far from the scam that many skeptics like to suggest.

“A lot of people that are in crypto are in it for the socio economic reasons for the reasons of the paradigm shift that’s going on with decentralization,” opens Varrell. “And I mean, there’s a lot more to it at its core than just pictures of monkeys that are selling for millions of dollars and then fictional coins that are just popping out of nowhere. So I mean, I’m definitely excited to take a deeper dive. Definitely excited to cover a lot of the a lot of the hot trends that are in today’s market and take a deeper dive into distilling crypto.”

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