Guaranteed Money #33: Drake Lost 400k On A Parlay, Or Did He?

Host Ryan Doyle and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell are back together in this episode of Guaranteed Money to talk the latest news in the sports betting world.

When it comes to betting, there’s a lot of money right now in basketball, and there’s a whole lot of eyeballs on it. It’s a captivating and interesting time! Hear their takeaways from a betting and watching perspective.

Penn National got some positive news this week after the blowup with Dave Portnoy trashing their performance. What’s really going on with their stocks? Are Varrell and Doyle bullish? And how right was Dave Portnoy? Be sure to let us know what you guys think in the comments of this episode.

Last week there had been rumors and rumblings that a very popular sports entertainment streaming business is getting into the betting landscape. It turns out the rumors are true. Does DAZN stand a chance in the sports betting market?

Also, will Drizzy please stop posting his parlays? There’s big opinions on this one. Find out why Doyle thinks this trend has got to stop, especially when he’s part of the company he’s betting with.

We also hear about MLB legend Pete Rose and what’s going on in the world of baseball. Be sure to catch the full episode of Guaranteed Money right here on The Dales Report! To view episode 32 click here.

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