Guaranteed Money #37: PointsBet Canada’s Team Look To Gain Foothold

On today’s episode of Guaranteed Money, host Ryan Doyle speaks with Scott Vanderwel, CEO of PointsBet Canada and Nic Sulsky, Chief Commercial Officer for PointsBet Canada. We’re going to get the scoop on some of their entry into the Canadian market.

PointsBet has its origins going back to about 5 years ago in Australia, a challenger brand in a mature market. But the company managed to make its name due to emphasis on US sports and their ability to offer those markets to Australians. The Australian market, which some of you might find surprising, is actually dominated by horse racing.

Scott explains how PointsBet made the jump to the American market before entering into Canada in April when Ontario legislated iGaming. Be sure to catch the full interview to hear how they’re making out since then.

PointsBet being at the table with MSLE is a David and Goliath story you won’t want to miss. Also catch some of the secrets behind their success and what the future holds for the industry long term. You will find all hat and more in this Guaranteed Money feature interview! We welcome you as always to share your thoughts in the comments of the episode. To view episode 36 click here.

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