Guaranteed Money #54: Megan Makin Money from Barstool Sports Shares Her Secrets

Megan Makin Money from Barstool Sports is our guest today on this episode of Guaranteed Money, sharing some of her secrets with host Ryan Doyle. Don’t miss out, because the two of them are going to be talking about making money. And that’s why Ryan’s got his lucky hat.

Megan Making Money is no greenhorn in the sports betting world. A Reddit thread is how Megan Making Money got all the way to Barstool Sports, and it’s a great story. Be sure to listen in for the full tale about how this woman got into FanDuel, Barstool Sports, and into a male-dominated industry in general.

Ever wonder what Barstool culture is all about? She’s going to share a little about her experiences with the environment. Some of the guys say the office is like a ship, and you’ll get a kick out of what kind of what kind of ship it is. Hint: it’s not like taking a cruise on a yacht.

As always, be sure to like and comment on our videos. We’re always thrilled to hear from our listeners, and it keeps the conversation strong. Don’t miss listening into the whole podcast, cause you’ll hear also who Megan Making Money has really learned from, what she thinks about the industry and where it’s headed, and what to look for next time you are making a bet! That and more in Guaranteed Money!

To view our episode #53 click here.

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