Guaranteed Money #60: LIV Golf Deals PGA A Death Blow

Host Ryan Doyle is flying solo once again in this episode of Guaranteed Money while millennial entrepreneur Anthony Verrill is in New York, checking in at NFT.NYC. It’s sure to make for some interesting talk next week when he returns. But until then, Ryan’s got lots to talk about on his own: PointsBet, FuboTV, and whether or not the PGA is on deathwatch following this latest defection.

The Stanley Cup has only a few more games left to go, the NBA is finished, and other than the draft, there’s going to be a void of a couple months before sports gets interesting again. A lot of people might be tempted to do some betting, but Ryan’s got a small word of caution in the face of what’s happening with the state of New York. Do you agree with Ryan, or do you think he’s worried about nothing? As always, we welcome you to share your thoughts in the comments of every episode.

But for now, hey, there’s still golf. And right now there’s a flutter on the latest high profile golfers to be joining the LIV golf series: Brooks Koepka and Abraham Ancer. And there’s rumors flying too that Moore, Akala, and Matsuyama might be among the next to join. Ryan’s not too shy to say that the PGA looks like it’s on life support, even though nobody seems to want to talk about it. Will the next PGA tour be dead on arrival? Maybe that’s something worth betting about.

Speaking of betting, Canada’s national sport has been coming up a lot. A lot of companies were reluctant to roll out gambling on other sports, and the numbers are still preliminary, but it looks like they themselves may have bet wrong on what interests Canadians who are looking to place wagers. Hear all about this and more in this episode of Guaranteed Money!

To view our episode #59 click here.

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