Guaranteed Money #61: Deshaun Watson’s Legal Trouble Sinking Browns Odds

Millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell is back in the chair, fresh from the NFT.NYC conference. He’s ready to share a recap of the scene, and he and host Ryan Doyle will be taking on some of the other big news this week, including the legal woes of Deshaun Watson and what’s going on with Fanatics.

The NFT.NYC conference is the largest conference for the NFT space, so if you weren’t able to go, you might be interested in hearing what went down. There’s a lot of positive outlook on the space, says Varrell, despite a lot of negative sentiment regarding what the market is doing. How big? Over 7000 people have “drunk this Kool-Aid,” he says, so this conference was definitely no small thing.

There was a lot of talking with investors and some rounds of funds being raised, plus a couple new gems being launched. Get the hot goss on NFT.NYC right here and find out whether it was worth the trip.

Of course, everyone’s talking about the big news that week, which is Deshaun Watson and how he’s facing a suspension from the NFL. No surprise that he’s angling to get a reduction of that. But the sexual assault allegations of 26 women are serious business. It’s bad news for the Cleveland Browns, especially after they banked on Watson being the future of the franchise. No matter what the court decides, Doyle says there’s a pattern here, and he believes that it’d be wise if the NFL dropped him entirely.

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Be sure to listen in to the full episode. California’s going to have an official ballot question when it comes to sports wagering, what is there to bet on right now, and Fanatics is inching closer to the sports betting universe. Hear all that and more in this episode of Guaranteed Money!

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