Guaranteed Money #64: Why Mavs Owner Mark Cuban Has Angered His Fans

Millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell and host Ryan Doyle have a lot to talk about in this episode of Guaranteed Money! Among the hot news this week, Mark Cuban has some investors hopping mad, Baker Mayfield, and why gambling ads might get banned from jerseys.

We’ve been loving hearing from everyone about whether they agree or disagree with some of the opinions from Ryan and Anthony. Be sure to interact with us and join in the conversations in the comments. But don’t feel like you only have to weigh in on that. If you’ve had a big bet you want to show us, or feel like there’s some other hot gambling or crypto gossip to share, we’d love to hear that too!

If you missed the news, Baker Mayfield’s going to the Carolina Panthers. This could have a huge impact on the team, and Anthony thinks the heart he brings to the game could make their offensive line look pretty interesting. But that’s not the only team we’re looking at; the Cleveland Browns and some of the rivalries are also topics of conversation. And in case you missed episode #63, in that episode, we talked about the USC and UCLA moving to the big 10, and there’s still more to talk about, so don’t miss the chat.

Do you have an opinion on whether or not gambling ads on jerseys might have a real influence on whether people get involved in gambling online? The Premier League sure seems to think it might. Both Anthony and Ryan have some strong feelings about this one, too.

Why are crypto investors mad at Mavericks owner Mark Cuban? Is it his fault, or did people just not do their research? Investments always come with a certain amount of risk, but will Cuban take a hit from putting his name on this one? That and more when you listen to this episode of Guaranteed Money!

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