Guaranteed Money #69: How JefeBet Is Building The Underserved Latino Audience

FSG Digital CEO & Co-Founder Seth Schorr, and CSO Seth Young join Host Ryan Doyle in this episode of Guaranteed Money. On this podcast, they’re going to examine how one gaming company is planning to launch a Spanish language media hub, tapping into an underserved market of 64 million Latinos.

FSG Digital, for those who don’t know, is the interactive arm of Fifth Street Gaming, a full service hospitality and casino management company based in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. They have catered to the Latino community and market since 2006, which has given the brand a huge advantage in their new endeavors. The Spanish language media hub that was announced back in March is a big part of what we’re looking at today, and more.

It’s a tremendously large percentage of the population in the US that identifies as Latino or Hispanic, and the FSG Digital guys say historically almost nothing caters to it with authentically good content built by and for the community. Enter JefeBet, which has a tremendous amount of proprietary content written by Hispanic and Spanish native language writers.

The Latino market can sniff out pandering a mile away, which is why Fifth Street Gaming has spent 15 years in the brick and mortar world learning to create festivals, concerts, and entertainment offerings that no other casino in Vegas does. FSG says it took a decade to understand what their guests really wanted, and then it was learning how to procure and curate these activities.

Not an easy task, they say. They had to grow some deep roots into Mexico and Central America. It’s a fascinating story, and you won’t want to miss out on how these early efforts made JefeBet possible, and where FSG Digital is planning to go from here. This and more in this episode of Guaranteed Money!

To view our episode #68 click here.

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