Guaranteed Money Episode 24: Why Tiger Woods May Be The Masters’ Best Bet

In this Episode of Guaranteed Money, host Ryan Doyle and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell team up to talk about April 4. It was the first big day of sports wagering in Ontario, and you can bet there’ll be a lot to say about it here. Hear about some of the parties that were happening, who was rubbing elbows, and the topic of conversation that seemed to come up time and time again.

NFTs are still highly contentious. Why can’t people see the value in “a bunch of apes?” Varrell believes that everyone is 10 steps behind in investing or understanding the crypto space.

Some sports betting apps have already been less than stellar. Find out who wasn’t performing as well as these big companies ought to be on day 1. We also take on the final four and the UNC game this past Saturday versus Kansas, and the players that made this game something special, plus some of the futures worth watching.

Apparently, Tiger Woods is teeing it up at Augusta for the Masters. Hear Varrell and Doyle’s input on why this might just be putting money on despite the other players in the game. All this and more in the full episode of Guaranteed Money #24. To view episode 23 click here.

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