Guaranteed Money Episode #31: Is In-Game Betting Making Fans Crazy?

Ryan Doyle and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell open with a look at the latest from the NBA, which Ryan says ‘has been everything.’ If you’re behind on the sports news, find out which teams have been opening a can of whoop ass, and which seem to be lacking some luster.

Is now time to buy DraftKings stock? It has been a wild ride, and investors might have questions about its real-world prospects. An investor can hardly make a move in the space without either having to buy DraftKings or FanDuel, says Varrell. Hear what they have to say though on whether now might be an interesting time to consider buying in.

Also on this episode: should old, ‘dinosaur’ media companies get into the what’s new and sexy of sports gambling or NFTs? News Corp in Australia’s going to try. But do they stand much of a chance of success? Or is the future more creating an immersive experience, Disney does? Hear our thoughts and join in the conversation with comments online.

There’s a new NFT project focused on Kobe Bryant. Ryan thinks it might be one people will fork over a good amount of cash for. Varrell has an opinion on whether digital products like NFTs can have value if the physical product that they’re derived from isn’t kept in the custody of a third party.

And lastly, is in-game betting making sports fans crazy? We’ll find out in this episode of Guaranteed Money. To view episode 30 click here.

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