Guaranteed Money Episode 11: Jack Settleman And The Knights Of Degen

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a hot investment, but how do you know when something is going to be rare? Ryan Doyle and Anthony Varrell talk to Jack Settleman the founder of SnapBack Sports and co-founder of the Knights of Degen NFT.

Also in this episode: FanDuel. It’s standing head and shoulders above the rest in North America. The marketing money seems to be paying off, and they’re definitely a dominant player, but can they solve some of their problems in the UK market?

And lastly, Ontario will finally begin regulated igaming operations starting April 4th, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has confirmed.

Under the terms of the launch, operators will be required to sign agreements with iGaming Ontario (iGO), an entity set up by AGCO to “conduct and manage” igaming within the province. But all of Canada is looking to Ontario to set the tone of regulated igaming in Canada, and only one in five Canadians seems to be aware that igaming is coming. What will this mean for Canada’s wagering market, and how might this problem be fixed?

All this and a study of how sports betting and NFTs are beginning to converge, right here on Episode 11 of Guaranteed Money with Ryan Doyle and Anthony Varrell, on The Dales Report.

To view Guaranteed Money Episode #10, click here.

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