Guaranteed Money Episode 12: Anthony Varrell And Jason Falovich Talk Sports Betting

On this episode of Guaranteed Money, Ryan Doyle and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell dissect hot sports betting news from this past week.

Falcons NFL star Calvin Ridley got caught wagering on football and is suspended indefinitely through 2022 over a $1500 bet on NFL games. Before, gambling was illegal, but with sports betting becoming legalized in many states, this opens some serious questions about whether the rules are too antiquated. Should athletes be allowed to wager on sports at all? What about betting on the sports that they play, and how would either affect the future of the sports wagering business?

Disney has indicated interest in getting into sports betting, but the company will have some massive PR issues to deal with before that could be a reality. Is the table getting a little overcrowded already, and is it still worth trying to overcome the family-friendly hurdle?

Jason Falovitch co-founder of @nft Playline and Leverage Game Media also joins the show, sharing a little bit about how Playline got off the ground during a period when times were tough for fantasy sports. We also look at how the pandemic fueled a cultural revolution in NFT, and how Jason and Mark Cuban together decided to capitalize on it.

Listen to the full Guaranteed Money podcast, episode 12, right here on The Dales Report. To view episode 11 click here.

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