Inside The World’s First Offshore Sports Gambling Empire: Steve Budin Tells It All

They say that to better know the future, you must first understand your past, and today The Dales Report sits down with one of the most influential voices in the offshore sports betting arena that helped to bring the activity into the homes of millions across North America.

To those in sports betting circles, Steve Budin needs no introduction. The man served as the brains behind SBD Global, and his efforts paved the way for the early days of online gambling in the US market.

We’ve seen the Hollywood attempts to capture the early days of the online sports betting industry, where mob-like figures built their multi-million dollar empires across Latin America and the Caribbean.

As often the case, these attempts failed to capture the true essence and grandeur of what these early pioneers were able to create, as the roots of the offshore sports betting industry continue to make their presence felt across the North American sports betting landscape today.

In an industry that saw many of its trailblazers end up behind bars or six feet under, Steve has managed to navigate his way through the treacherous waters of this billion-dollar industry and reinvent himself once again.

Budin speaks with TDR’s Ryan Doyle about his early days in the industry and his current ventures into today’s regulated gaming marketplace. Always the pioneer, Budin now serves as the CEO of Kings Entertainment Group where he looks to once again redefine what it means to bet on sports.

Sports Betting Industry legend and CEO of Kings Entertainment Group, @stevebudinceo joins the show explain why @stoolpresidente is no Jimmy The Greek!

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