A Deep Dive Into The Pennsylvania Cannabis Market

Our guest Anthony Coniglio, CEO of NewLake Capital, joins in this special episode of TDR’s Trade To Black podcast. We’ll be doing some deep dives on what the cannabis market and leaders are doing in individual states, and this particular episode we explore the dynamics of the cannabis market in Pennsylvania. Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania Governor, said during his budget proposal recently that when it comes to adult-use cannabis, state officials “don’t even have a choice anymore.”

What does that mean? Will we see adult use then? What is the current market and market dynamics in the state? Shadd Dales, Anthony Varrell, and Anthony Coniglio will get right into the nuts and bolts of what is happening in PA.

We’ve invited Anthony Coniglio to join us in part because NewLake Capital has had a strong amount of exposure in the state of Pennsylvania. NewLake Capital has executed over $100m in leaseback transactions that include seven properties. Some of the partners that NewLake Capital has worked with include Trulieve, Ayr Wellness, and Curaleaf. These are some of the leaders in the space.

We’ll tackle some of the most common questions we get asked about the Pennsylvania cannabis market, including who are the top operators? What does the current medical marijuana landscape like, and what are the prospects for recreational use? Also, why is Pennsylvania itself such an important and hot market in the overall cannabis market across the United States right now?

You shouldn’t miss out on this competitive analysis of some key analytics if you’re planning to incorporate cannabis in your portfolio. Come “geek out” with us as this episode takes a long hard look into the factors that make Pennsylvania a pivotal state in the cannabis industry, and give you everything from these basic investment insights to the recent headlines that could signal the future of adult use legalization.

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