Borchardt Talks GMR Summit And Cannabis Finance

Why are so many cannabis stocks in decline? That’s one of the topics we’ll tackle today on this episode of Trade to Black. Deborah Borchardt, Co-founder and Executive Editor of Green Market Report, joins us on this cannabis exclusive episode to talk about recent updates and the woes of cannabis in the stock market.

The Green Market Report, launched in 2017, focuses on the financial news of the industry, and Borchardt is a former Wall Street Barrister with over 15 years of experience. Similar to The Dales Report, GMR was launched to tackle a perceived gap in media coverage of the emerging cannabis industry. She expected the then-trend to grow into something much larger. But there just wasn’t enough of the sort of news, she said, that she was looking for. Particularly financial news.

Borchardt gives us the insider scoop on how Wall Street sees the overall health and outlook for marijuana use and the cannabis industry. How does Wall Street’s perspective affect the narrative of the space? You might be surprised to find out her thoughts.

We’ll chat about the upcoming GMR Finance Summit and what investors and business owners will be able to expect from the event as part of the larger discussion: what’s the future of the cannabis industry? Part of that conversation includes outdated legislation that is holding business back. With all the generally recognized benefits of scaling manufacturing, why is it then those smaller operators are having an easier time than larger ones?

Is it possible that some of the most anticipated legislation changes will still be able to move forward despite the delays happening? Will cannabis products ever be able to go mainstream? And what is it that went wrong with the NYC rollout of recreational cannabis use since illegal dispensaries are thriving despite legal competition?

You’ll find out here, on this episode of Trade to Black!

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