Cannabist CEO Nicholas Vita Weighs In On Future

Get ready for an exciting The Dales Report Exclusive interview as we sit down with Nicholas Vita, the CEO of The Cannabist Company Holdings Inc, which some investors may have known formerly as Columbia Care. On our docket today, the changes going on at The Cannabist, the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, and more opportunities that may be ahead for the industry.

Nicholas is the CEO of one of the original MSOs: Columbia Care was a cannabis company that operates 94 dispensaries and 31 cultivation and manufacturing facilities. But wait, you might be wondering: Why did Columbia Care decide to change its name? We journey into Columbia Care’s recent name change to The Cannabist Company Holdings Inc. and the reasons behind it.

Nicholas Vita provides insights, explaining that the new name not only reflects a natural progression but also signifies an adoption of a new operating model. Nicholas goes on to explain how some of their fundraising efforts have been going. Those fundraising efforts have made a big impact with potential for adult-use canna legalization in Florida, and Nicholas Vita shares thoughts on their growth strategy, and what he feels is the potential for institutional investment.

But that’s not the only thing we’ll be discussing with Nicholas. We’ll dive into the latest news and insights from the canna industry, covering topics that could be discussed at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference. We also explore the growth potential of the cannabis industry, with a special focus on the Northeast region and the promising market in New York State. We’ll hear from industry experts who emphasize the significance of the existing scale and the potential transition from medical to adult-use canna in this region.

Tune in to this engaging interview for deeper insights into the growth and evolution of the industry from one of the cannabis leaders themselves.


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