Daniel Carcillo Gives Insight Into The Mind Of An Athlete

For World Mental Health Day, we had a special edition of The Dales Report Psychedelic Exclusive. Daniel Carcillo, the Chief Operating Officer of Healing CREI and former NHL player, joined us for a heartfelt conversation about mental health and to give his perspective on how an athlete faces the pressure of the career.

Many don’t think about the sort of mental issues an athlete might face in their day to day lives. Daniel shares his incredible journey from growing up in Kingston, Ontario, and the journey to making it into the NHL. This revealing conversation sheds light on the untold mental challenges athletes endure and the determination required to reach the pinnacle of their sport.

From dealing with the pressure of making it as a professional athlete at a young age to facing constant physical and emotional demands, we uncover the true grit and resilience it takes to be a part of the elite few. Join us as we learn how discipline, mental fortitude, and gratitude play a crucial role in an athlete’s life.

Healing CREI’s focus is to acquire NNN-leased properties to help operating physicians, CROs and behavioral health centers who are working with psychedelics such as Ketamine and MDMA meet their infrastructure needs. Daniel is uniquely positioned to discuss with us how traditional medicine has its shortfalls in treating mental health, and how psychedelic medicine could revolutionize mental health care.

In a world where distractions and negativity are all around us, Daniel Carcillo’s story offers valuable insights into maintaining focus and positivity, not to mention the unique perspectives of an athlete who understands the struggles of mental health.

We encourage you to tune in for the full interview, and be sure to subscribe to our social channels to keep up to date on all the latest news in the psychedelics and cannabis industries.

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