Diamond Hands Podcast #7: Crypto’s Regulatory Rollercoaster; MSOS Discounting Fundys; WonderFi’s Ben Samaroo Talks DeFi

In this week’s Diamond Hands Podcast #7, we speak with TDR Lead Financial Writer Benjamin A. Smith with Anthony Varrell. On the agenda: Anthony dives in with expert analysis on the latest events in the crypto and NFT markets, how fundamental are being discounted the U.S. cannabis, Elon Musk weighing-in of the benefits of psychedelics, and more. We also have speak with WonderFi Technologies CEO Ben Samaroo, who makes a guest appearance to talk about the state of the DeFi market.

Episode #7 CliffsNotes…


@1:18-2:26 Anthony comments of news that Jay Powell is not in favor of banning crypto. This is in contrast to China’s strategy of banning it in the country.

@2:41-3:30 Commentary on Elon Musk saying that crypto should not be regulated.

@3:31-4:04 Crypto needs to be regulated, but the question is how we go about this.

@4:05-6:51 Commentary on the NFT market, which has cooled off in recent times. Anthony weighs-in on which NFT drops are worthy and which ones he’s staying away from.

@6:52-15:57 WonderFi Technologies (NEO: WNDR) (OTCMKTS: WONDF), a leader in the creation of applications to create better retail access to DeFi, joins Shadd and Anthony for a comprehensive interview on the sector.


@15:58-19:00 Commentary of Chuck Schumer and Cory Booker standing in the way of incremental reform cannabis reform, such as SAFE Banking, for more comprehensive cannabis reform. This is a source of deep frustration with U.S. cannabis investors.

@19:01-20:28 Social equity component of cannabis is needed and welcomed, but let’s face it, there’s people gaming the system for their own benefit. The politics of cannabis reform carries the cloak of social justice reform to some degree.

@20:29-23:01 Commentary on how the market is simply overlooking fundamentals right now, which are very dislocated from perceived “fair value” right now. Trulieve Cannabis closes Harvest Health acquisition. Anthony remains a net buyer of MSOS ETF and other sector companies.


@23:10-24:22 Lull in the psychedelic sector continues. Price action echoes junior biotech sector, where the industry can go in prolonged period of inaction and drawdown. It is there right now.

@24:23-27:21 Anthony and Ben weigh-in on Elon Musk psychedelic comments this past week.

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