Into The Wire On Cannabist, Crypto In Argentina, and Desantis

Welcome back to the Trade To Black Podcast. We’re your go-to source for the latest insights across cannabis, psychedelics, crypto, AI, and technology. If you missed our last live streamed episode last night, catch on up with host Shadd Dales and millennial investor Anthony Varrell as we talk some of the biggest and latest headlines including The Cannabist debt restructuring plan and how Argentina is adopting the use of crypto.

Jumping Into The Wire: We kick off The Cannabist (OTCMKTS: CBSTF) addressing the big elephant in the room. Their revenue has been increasing, but these figures are being overshadowed by increasing debt and a declining Altman Z score. Enter The Cannabist Company’s debt restructuring plan where they aim to repurchase $25 million in convertible notes. Find out how this move impacts the company and its investors.

In other cannabis news, find out what Governor DeSantis had to say about the prospects of marijuana legalization in Florida. Florida has been facing ongoing legal battles on the state’s cannabis policy, and the supreme court in the state is currently weighing a constitutional challenge brought by DeSantis’ administration.  Here’s what you need to know.

Next up, can you imagine renting with Bitcoin? A landlord and tenant in Argentina signed the country’s first-ever bitcoin-based rental contract, possibly the first crypto agreement of its kind in the world. We explore this landmark agreement and Argentina’s historic leap in cryptocurrency adoption. Learn about the use of stablecoin Tether (USDT) for monthly rent payments, which ties it to the US dollar. What is its significance in Argentina’s crypto landscape, and where does it go from here?  

Lastly, hear our thoughts on a report released by Crypto.com. Get the latest statistics on global cryptocurrency ownership, including the growth of Bitcoin and Ethereum owners, and we’ll chat about the factors driving this adoption and what it means for the crypto market. Be sure to tune in to this episode for all the details!

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